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Check List for Manuscript Submission to

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(Submit completed forms by Fax: 956.389.2498 or email:

  1. Format
    • Max 1000 words
    • Arial 12 point
    • Lay-out: one inch margins all around
    • Spacing: double line
    • Submit as a Microsoft Word file
    • Please number your references in the manuscript (if using AMA style), but avoid superscripts.
  2. Abstract
    • Max 50 words
  3. Names and abbreviations
    • Generic drug names only
    • No abbreviations except for units of measurement
  4. Conflict of Interest Form
    • Each author must complete and sign a separate form
    • Upload and submit with draft manuscript
  5. Assignment of Copyright Form
    • Each author must complete and sign a separate form
    • Upload and submit with manuscript
  6. Consent for Photograph Form
    • Photograph(s) of a patient must have a form signed by the patient and the lead author
    • Upload and submit with draft manuscript
  7. Tables, figures, photographs
    • Must be numbered and referred to in manuscript (such as “see figure 1)
    • Must not be embedded in the manuscript
    • Must be uploaded in separate JPEG format and submitted with the manuscript
    • Must be original. No previously copyrighted material will be accepted
  8. Review Process is a blind peer-review
    • Do not include author names, affiliations or contact information on the manuscript
    • Complete the author(s) info form, upload, and submit with the manuscript
  9. Quotations, references
    • All quotations must have an appropriate reference in the manuscript, either AMA or APA style
    • All references must be cited in full in the AMA or APA style
  10. Original only
    • We will not publish previously published manuscripts
    • We will not publish manuscripts funded by pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, medical education company, or other commercial entity, or by an author
    • who has a financial relationship with any commercial entity with an interest in the subject matter.
  11. Review Process
    • The lead author will be notified of acceptance within 6-8 weeks of submission
    • An edited manuscript will be sent to the lead author for final approval before publication
    • Authors are responsible for all statements made in the work, including any changes made by the editorial staff of and authorized by the lead author
    • All manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two professionals (family physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant) before publication