“Love and faithfulness meet together;

righteousness and peace kiss each other.” 

Psalm 85:10

                “The chaplain made me sing a song with him last night.  I warned him that my singing wouldn’t heal anybody.”  He chuckled as he propped himself up on his hospital bed pillow for the selfie that I took of the two of us (see attached).  It was zero-dark-thirty.  Hours before he had his coronary bypass graft. 

He talked about his wife of 58 years…

                                Love and faithfulness meet together.

                He and his precious wife were inseparable.  Their relationship was comfortable, relaxed, tight, iron-clad… 

                Their love was not just iron-clad, it was made steel-strong by the faithfulness of Cementite – the Lord Jesus Christ. 

`               Like the steel that he worked with for 30 years in Pittsburgh.  Steel –  the combination of Iron and Cementite.  Strong, flexible, useful.

                How useful?  For 58 years, they spent every summer (and their honeymoon) working a Christian Camp in Pennsylvania.  Every summer. 

                                Love and faithfulness meet together.

                After our prayer time, our last words together, before he was wheeled off for surgery: “See you on the other side.”

                                Righteousness and peace kiss each other.

                He died of post-op complications 14 hours later.  The Righteous One, our Prince of Peace, carried my brother through the Gates of Glory, down the Golden Strand, and presented him, spotless and clean, at the Throne of The Ancient of Days…

                                Where Righteousness and peace kiss each other.

                Redi and Joshua and I shared the last moments of love between the departed husband and the loving wife.  She sang his favorite song as she held his still-warm hand.  “Some glad morning when this life is over, I’ll fly away…”

                Righteousness and peace kissed.

doc Leibs