“For we know that He has chosen you, because our gospel came to you not simply with words, but also with power, with the Holy Spirit, and with deep conviction.” 1 Th 1:4-5

The Bosch Combo Hammer Drill: 13 Amp, 14 pound, 2900 blows per minute.  Add the 16 inch long, 5/8 inch diameter drill bit and that tool is a percussion drill on steroids.

I began the job of drilling 72 holes, four inches deep, through the cement pool deck, in prep for the new pool fence, with a 2 pound, 7.5 Amp drill.  That piece of equipment drilled down exactly 2.5 cm after 15 minutes of drilling.  The side-handle ground to pieces within minutes.  The drill chuck (the nose that holds the drill bit) unscrewed itself from the drill and fell to the ground, bit and all.  I had a new percussion drill torn to pieces before the project got started.

“Not simply with words, but also with power…”

The Youtube DIY (D0-It-Yourself) Pool Fence guy, neatly dressed and non-perspiring, used a handy, two-pound drill to cut through his cement like butter.  My little two-pounder lay in pieces on the pool deck. 

The project ended before it began.

“Not simply with words, but also with power…”

I called the rental folks and soon had the big Bosch Hammer Drill in my hands. (see attached picture)  That thing was heavy.  And loud.  And powerful.  It drilled a four-inch-deep hole through the concrete in ten seconds.  The project was back on its feet.

“…not simply with words…”

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is alive and active.  It has power to save, because it is the Word of God, demonstrated at Gethsemene, Gabbatha, Golgotha, and the Garden.  The words are few: “Father, Your will be done.”; “My word is truth”; “It is finished.”  

“…but with power…”

The power is palpable in Jesus’ willingness to die, in His death, and in His resurrection. 

One warning.  The Gospel is not to be tinkered with like a game, or a manipulation, or a weapon.  It is the “power of God for salvation” (Romans 1:16), under the operation of the mighty Holy Spirit.

The Big Bosch had power, but it needed to be under the control of an operator.  I learned that truth the hard way on hole #16.  I was bending over the drill to make sure I was aligned with my drill guide.  The drill bit caught on something deep in the hole and stuck, transferring the torque into the drill body, which swung out of my hands and smashed into the right side of my face.

My rapidly swelling lip, loosened upper right Central Incisor, and crunchy nasal cartilage caught my attention.  Big Bosch needed a steady and experienced hand at the trigger.  I had neither… at hole #16.

You and I have wonderful opportunities to share the Gospel, in all its power, day after day, if we stay awake and alert to the Undying Souls around us.  Like my Big-Bosch-adventure proved, I am not a steady, experienced hand at the Gospel trigger.  I depend on, must depend on, an Operator to manage such power.  The Holy Spirit, the deep convictor (1 Pe 5:1) of men, promises to operate though our hands, our feet, our hearts, and our lips. 

I am a bit battered and bruised, but that new pool fence will protect our grandson from a terrible outcome.  Our Lord Jesus was big-time battered and bruised and buried to protect you and I from a terrible outcome.  In His Resurrection Body, He bears still those scars and stripes. 

Sharing the Gospel is not a DIY project.  I need that truth drilled into my heart and mind.