One year ago this week, a 14 year old came to the office with her mother.  I had to break the news to the patient and her mother that the young lady was pregnant.  The next two hours were very trying for the family, as they faced an expected pregnancy.  The anger, the tears, the surprise, the shame, the guilt,  and the recriminations scorched the walls of the exam room.  And the phones, as brother, sister, father were all informed.  The patient’s only words to me: “get it out of me”.

                                A third year resident and I walked through the steps that we have experienced so often in dealing with teen pregnancy.  By 2300 hours, after a phone call from the teen’s dad, the family was on the road to acceptance.  Within a week, after sessions with the sister, phone calls with the brother, and loving clinic visits with the teen mom, the baby was safe from abortion.  This week, I had the privilege of performing Michael’s six month well baby exam.  The joy, the laughter, and the life of this perky, feisty little fellow has brought the family together in a very beautiful way.  I now provide care for the entire family, and continue sharing the love of Jesus with scripture, song, and prayer.       

This is what the Living God created us to be as healers: guardians of the trust (2 Ti 1:14), lovers of souls, binders of the broken-hearted, and proclaimers of the year of the Lord’s favor. (Is 61: 1-2).

doc Leibs