Paul of Taursus was a fighter for Jesus!  As he headed to Jerusalem, after his Third Missionary Journey, he was warned by the Holy Spirit that trouble was ahead.  He was mobbed by fellow Jews, arrested by the Romans, and nearly ambushed by a gang of thugs.   In the middle of the night, the Living God stood near Paul and said: “Take courage!  As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.” 

                God has Jerusalems and Romes for you and I to conquer.  Perhaps it is a patient with a temper, a family member with an attitude, a tangled personal relationship that needs repair.  The Living God calls us to courage in the fight.  His amazing Son, Jesus, has shown us the way to fight a good fight: with truth shared in love.

                We continue to battle the COVID beast together and I am so proud of this team.  We have taken the initiative by starting drive-in medicine, telemedicine,  and by providing support for our corona-under-investigation patients.  A visiting Home Health Rep watched a few of you do a drive-in visit and said: “What this clinic is doing is simply beautiful.”  That made my heart sing with joy.