The student asks this question:

 Some new articles came out that for folks in stable heart disease – medical management is no worse than stents or vice versa, and so there might be a shift in medicine, away from stents and lots of procedures for cardiologists? 

The FP Teacher responds:

The cardiac approach we take for EVERYONE with CP is still the 4 point chest pain risk stratification, then medical stabilization per high/moderate/low risk, and appropriate cardiac intervention: stress testing or cath based on the clinical risk assessment.  Here is the PC version of cardiac care, that cares more about the money and the AGE of the patient (‘quality of life’):

“Therefore, the message from our study regarding the need to direct optimal treatments to patients with the greatest expected improvement may still be relevant. We recommend first, that a comprehensive, systems-minded approach to delivering evidence-based medical management to AMI patients be a national priority. Second, because health care resources should be provided in such a way as to maximize clinical improvement and efficiency of Medicare spending, continuous large-scale population-based evaluations of the long-term community effectiveness of expensive, invasive cardiac technology must also be a national priority. The stakes are high in terms of patient outcomes and health care spending.”

These people become the judge and jury of what is ‘quality’, what is ‘elderly’, what is ‘cost effective’.  Frightening in the hands of pagans that run the government and insurance companies.  Having said that, in places without the expensive interventions, we do our best with what we have.  Yes, I believe this ‘quality of life’ and money-focused obsession of people who do not cherish LIFE, will create more biased research that favors less aggressive care in ‘certain  populations’.  You are not shocked by any of this info.  More and more research from socialist countries and our own non-Biblical world view colleagues is so very tainted in the direction of ‘euthanasia-lyte’.  The old argument still circulates that the world is over-populated and that we must “decrease the surplus population”.  Even Dickens had to deal with this age old lie of the devil that God cannot provide for His people.

Doc Leibs