It seems I am always at the HEB grocery when the Living God demonstrates His mighty love. “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” Psalm 34:8
Today, it was in front of the Pillsbury Biscuit chiller. I was reaching for my favorite chocolate chip dough.
“DOCTOR LEIBERT!” The voice was high-pitched and piercing. “DR. LEIBERT! It’s me, Yadira.” She zipped around the corner of the meat counter in her little HEB scooter. I hadn’t seen this precious lady in a decade and it took me a few moments to get oriented, having my mind on Thanksgiving breakfast fare.
She beamed at me. “You wrote your book and published it, didn’t you?” I nodded. “Do you remember when you took care of me in the hospital a few years ago. I told you that you would write a book. I want a copy. How do I get a copy?”
First, no one asks for a copy of my book. The same book that earned me a publisher check for five cents, the first month of publication! Second, she was so happy to see this raggy old fellow, it made my heart happy. Happier than Poppin’ Fresh ever made me.
We had a lively reunion. We had worked together on many pro-life projects, she did the singing and I did the talking. God’s love rained all over that little Pillsbury spot today.
An early Thanksgiving Holiday. A banquet of grace.