Old gone to Texas sign on green doors.
Old gone to Texas sign on green doors.

Distractions.  Disturbances.  Running wild and going crazy.

Is this the way of the Living God?

The shepherd boy from Bethlehem wrote this as he was moved by the Holy Spirit: “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him…” Ps 37:7

The Carpenter from Nazareth, the God-Man who said this to the storm: “Peace.  Be still.” Mark 4:39

The Brilliant Jewish scholar from Tarsus named Paul wrote this: “Be anxious for nothing…and the peace of God will guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.” Ph 4:6

The shopping cart was stacked with pickets for fence rebuilding.  I was shoving them into the Civic in the parking lot of the Home Depot around noon today.  A middle-aged lady climbed out of her truck and walked towards me.  I smiled at her, wondering if she was a patient that I should remember from the clinic.

“Sir,” she said, “I am sure that this will sound strange, but I just have to say it.”  I braced myself for a complaint about the clinic or about something I said about something, somewhere.

“I watched you walking about with so much happy energy…and a man at your age…so full of life.  I just had to tell you that.  It wasn’t so long ago that a terrible tragedy hit my life and I was in darkness; but seeing you reminded me that we should be thankful for health and life.”  The Spirit seemed to want me to keep quiet.  She wept as she continued.

“My son was a police officer and he was stabbed to death in the line of duty.  I can’t imagine a more terrible thing to happen to me.  I was in such darkness after he died.  And I begged God in the Valley Baptist hospital to spare my son.  God showed me a vision of His Son on the cross and I realized that He understood my pain.  God took my son away, but He showed me His love and He restored my hope.  When I saw you, I just thought about how good life is and I had to tell you.”

I shared the text that I had sent my son from the Home Depot, minutes before she and I met.  “Arise, shine, your light has come.” Is 60:1

That sweet, precious sister was a light for me in the midst of the crazy of a busy time.  God used her to calm my ‘busy’ storm.  And perhaps, just perhaps, He wanted me to share a sip of refreshing love with a hurting soul who needed to be an Ambassador of grace in that parking lot.

We hugged, we prayed, we hugged again, we laughed with joy.  And we said goodbye.  Until we meet again in glory.