From the Editors

“You’re not published?” He asked, with raised eyebrows. “And you want to be a program director?” Raised eyebrows…and laughter. “What are you people doing down in Texas?” Raised eyebrows, laughter, and a smirk.

Too many of our colleagues, terrific clinicians and teachers, receive a cold reception from academic types over the issue of publication.

Try to get published. I dare you. Try it. It will be like pulling teeth – a wild coyote’s teeth. Unless you know somebody…buried in the basement of a brick and mortar mausoleum that fronts for a medical school. If you get a bite, the next step is completing page after page of releases. Next the rewrites go on and on like Groundhog Day. Then you get a rejection letter.

No longer. is here for you. We want to publish the work of physicians, resident physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants – the folks who do most of the day-to-day grinding work of healing our neighbors…and rarely have a voice in the literature. Our process is painless and our acceptance rate will be 100%, unless you cross into anti-God, anti-Bible rhetoric.
We have four categories of interest: clinical research, case reports, mission trip travelogues, and clinical devotionals. Why so many categories? We believe God has gifted each of you in unique ways of communicating ‘life’ to the world around you.

Enjoy the ride!

Use creativity in your writing.

Break the mold.

Jesus said: “I am making everything new!” (Revelation 21:5)


Open to you.

God bless you in your work.
Leibs and Lazz