From the AAFP (

written by Michael Munger, M.D.

We recognize and respect the rights of health care professionals to decline to participate in care that violates their personal code of ethics. However, our policies call for ensuring that all patients have access to health care, regardless of actual or perceived race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnic affiliation, health, age, disability, economic status, body habitus or national origin. Denying access to care to a patient on religious, ethical or moral grounds is in direct conflict with AAFP policy. There is a distinct difference between declining to participate in a procedure versus denying access to care to an individual patient. The former is a protected right, the latter is an unacceptable shirking of our basic responsibility to care for our patients and contrary to the key underpinnings of the Code of Medical Ethics.


Hey Munger, whatever perceived color or gender or space creature that you are…today.  By the way, how do I know that you are an M.D.  Maybe you just felt like an M.D. today and perceived yourself to be a physician.  Nice try on that one…poser.

Bruce Leibert, M.D.

President of the AAFP (why not, that’s what I perceive myself to be, today)